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Entertainment for the Entire Family- The Best Games to Play

Are you looking for the perfect family night in but don’t want to do the traditional DVD and popcorn night? Then why not opt for a family games night? Family games night are great because everyone is involved and it is a more interactive experience than just watching the boob tube together. Below we have picked our five favorite entertainment games for family fun night.

  • Monopoly- this is a classic that won’t quit! Monopoly is entertaining and challenging. However, make sure you have an honest banker or you may end up with a family feud rather than family fun.
  • Life- fantasize with what could have been with this feel-good board game
  • Dominoes- dominoes is one of the best games, especially for older kids. Build trains, collect doubles and try to beat the others.
  • Poker- even with young ones, poker can be great fun. You can bet on anything from money to chores, from potato chips to chocolate pieces.
  • Pictionary- you can’t have a family fun night without Pictionary! This drawing and guessing classic is a favorite for all ages.

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